Thursday, August 30, 2007

In a dream that began 14,000,000,000 years ago
a deep darkness swirled
and swarmed
ever brewing
like a magic stew

peculiar particles danced
within billowing
amethyst vapors and an
electric blue
wove its way through a fantastic reality

obscurity assembled its wild possibilities
while cosmic specimens
drew silver impressions
scribbling contours into place

when crash surprise FLASH
golden and gleaming
a kaleidoscopic presence
BURST open
sending radiance blazing in every direction

fresh from the galactic shatter
neighborhoods began to gather
within a swelling haze
magnificent and expanding with stellar grace

out of her enormous heart
a young galaxy mother
spiraled stars
in her arms cradling love’s delight

ginger waves wandered
into lavishing space

like a river of creative fire
on the brink of infinity
star sister
exploded incredibly

igniting a sun whose rays
tickled the vastness

a mystical source with warmth
that was destined to originate
sacred patterns and fashions

spun from a center
while forging great promise
individual spheres began to appear
as essential elements
were lured into their cores

within stormy rings of gravitational forces
a planetary whirl of clouds
gases and dust
smoldered cooled and
befriended a moon

in a dream scene that hissed
with magic steam

a lightening storm symphony
swamped an earthy crust
activating an atmosphere
above volcanic vents

ornaments of life replicated and divided
multiplying their joyous designs
sprouting a family whose
sunlight appetite inspired a cerulean world ocean

Monday, May 21, 2007

aquatic plants migrated to overlooking shores
while beneath their reflections
a mosaic of adaptations
swam underwater
absorbing and eating

originating from tiny eggs
that laid in shallow pools
amphibious frolic hopped onto land
and slithered
its legs along sands of
uncurling ferns

in distant twilight mystery
ROARS of mighty creatures
echoed from the trees
while at their feet flowers
bloomed the benefits that diversified

the horizon buzzed
knowing enchanted creation
soaring above majestic groves
spirits sweetened
the meadow as tiny feet
shuffled below

in deep azure waters
great beings breathed
birthing songs of sweet communication
while the blazing sunset
four-legged illumination

veils of misty rain bejeweled
emerald forest sanctuaries
where hands of love
nurtured evolving relations
among howling sounds of primitive languages

under the cover of a collective sky
communal abodes
with the WARMTH of ancient flames
centering families around
an adoration of cosmic creation

ambrosial light
over rushing rivers
inducting the day's
deeds and traditions
giving celebratory thanks
for the harvest’s grace

modern cities fast paced imaginations
millions and billions of imaginations
energetically woven
sisters and brothers awake in wonder..

who am I and where am I going?